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House of Gurus

Mpho Lerefolo is head of public relations at House of Gurus Tell us about House of Gurus? House of Gurus PR and Communications is a Public Relations and Communications Company providing services to the public and private sectors, as well as individual decision-makers. We do public relations, events management, stakeholder and reputation management, media management, marketing and promotions, to mention just a… Read More

Why tech matters for small business

Technology is becoming increasingly relevant to South Africa’s small businesses. In a recent report titled State of South African Small Business, released by World Wide Worx in partnership with Xero, 66% of respondents cited technology as “very important” (47%) or “essential” (19%) to running their business, with only 4% marking it as “not very important”. 55% claimed that smart… Read More

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KD Strategies

Kalnisha Singh is the founder of KD Strategies Tell us about KD Strategies? I have a masters in applied economics, which I earned through hands-on involvement in (among other organisations) KwaZulu-Natal’s first woman-owned construction company, which went on to become South Africa’s largest such company. The business was the focus of one of my honours research… Read More

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Puly’s Cupcakes

We speak to the inspiration behind Puly’s Cupcakes Tell us about Puly’s Cupcakes? Puly’s Cupcakes is a cupcake business which specialises in gorgeous, handmade and stylishly decorated cupcakes with a swirl of buttercream frosting and delightful toppings. They are an ideal gift and tasty treat. What did you do before starting Puly’s Cupcakes? I was studying… Read More

Atlegang Business Consulting

Lindo Mnisi is an account manager at Atlegang Business Consulting Tell us about Atlegang Business Consulting? We are an accounting, audit, tax and payroll services company, including annual financial statements, independent reviews, monthly management accounts/reports, tax returns etc. We also assist businesses with compliance at CIPC and Government Departments. Atlegang Business Consulting is a 100%… Read More

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5 tips for growing your SMME

Kimber Mortlock unearths some valuable insight into SMME success. “Starting an entirely new business is uncharted territory for most people. It offers great rewards, but equally high risks,” writes UK blogger Hugh Wilson. With hundreds of SMMEs reporting a growing economic confidence around South Africa, many are eyeing new opportunities for growth. That begs some important questions: Is your business sustaining… Read More

Elevator Pitch

The Art of the Elevator Pitch #1

You can always count on the Huffington Post to hit the nail on the head. In their article Elevator Pitches: 5 Things You Need To Know, Alicia Ciccone (Associate Editor, HuffPost Small Business) outlines some entrepreneurial gems.   1. Establish your credibility. Often, you launch into your pitch without introducing yourself and your background, which can take you from believable business owner… Read More

Small businesses to benefit from budget

Of the R1.3-billion allocated to the Small Business Development Department for the 2016/17 financial year, 83 percent will go towards strengthening small businesses and cooperatives. This was announced by Minister Lindiwe Zulu during a Budget Vote presentation in parliament on Tuesday. “The Black Business Supplier Development is allocated R245-million and for cooperatives incentive scheme we… Read More

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: do’s and don’ts

Geoffrey James’ article on (How To Give a Flawless Elevator Pitch) offers brilliant insights into some invaluable secrets of the elevator pitch. Elevator pitch DON’T say this “We’re industry-leading and best-in-class.” (According to whom?) “We can save you money faster than the competition. (Says who?) “We’re excited about providing you with best service!” (Who cares?) Elevator pitch… Read More

ABC Tutoring Solutions

Bongane Nkosi is the director of ABC Tutoring Solutions Tell us about your business? ABC Tutoring Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a private tutoring services company that offers assistance with assignments, homework, test/exam preparations and complete tutoring sessions in the comfort of the client’s home. These services are primarily offered for CAPS and IEB curriculum Mathematics, Chemistry… Read More

Billions pumped into small business

The Small Enterprise Finance Agency (Sefa) has so far distributed over R3.2-billion to over 200 000 small businesses, said Small Business Development Lindiwe Zulu. Sefa approved R1.1-billion of loan facilities and disbursed R1.08-billion to 45 263 SMMEs and co-operatives through its various loan distribution channels, the Minister said during her department’s Budget Vote, in Parliament. … Read More

Elevator Pitch

O’Leary’s 9 “C’s” of Elevator Pitches

“After working with hundreds of would-be entrepreneurs, and studying hundreds of effective and ineffective elevator pitches, I have found that an effective elevator pitch is nine things,” says Chris O’Leary in his great article Elevator Pitch 101. Here are the first three – read the rest on his website. 1. Be Concise An effective elevator pitch contains as few words as possible,… Read More

Yvonne Maome

Yvonne Maome is in the financial services sector Tell us about your business? Our SMME is a startup company that was registered in 2013. The business vision and mission is to bring internationally competitive change and innovation in the South African travel and tourism landscape. What is your work experience and background? I am currently working in… Read More

Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch in a nutshell

Entrepreneur magazine offers a wonderful description of what elevator pitches are all about in 6 Tips for Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch. This is very need-to-know! Whether you are out at an entrepreneurship conference, mingling with friends, or you just so happen to know somebody who knows somebody who’s able to help you take your company to the next level, you’ll get… Read More

Support vital to spur growth of township entrepreneurs

By Harold Maloka, Deputy-Director General, Government Communication and Information System In the townships, functions are incomplete without three-legged pots, tent and chairs, meat, veggies and of course scones. These scones are traditionally baked by a group of women in the week leading to the function as a gesture of good neighbourliness. It may be a wedding, funeral… Read More

Cubbies Hub

We speak to Cubbies Hub owner Linda Sibinda Tell us about Cubbies Hub? Cubbies Hub is a social enterprise that initiates and spearheads multi-stakeholder social projects. How did you get into this line of work? Before starting this business I was a teacher. I was driven by passion and I felt someone has to respond to… Read More

Orgunite cloud platform

We speak to owner Skhumbuzo Khamanga Tell us about Orgunite? We are a tech start-up called Orgunite, a cloud collaboration platform for teams and individuals in real time. We are a small-sized team at the moment but with the potential to scale-up with the right funding. What were you doing before this? I was working as… Read More

Lashongwe Designers

Njabu is the director of Lashongwe Designers Tell us about Lashongwe Designers? Lashongwe Designers is a contemporary design company. We specialise in contemporary African designs. Our current product offering includes jewellery and bags. What did you do before Lashongwe Designers? I was in the corporate space as a HR business advisor, but design has always been my… Read More

Incubating energy entrepreneurs

Conrad Kassier, UNIDO Energy and Climate Portfolio, SA Regional Office (SARO), offers some background on the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme of South Africa (GCIP-SA)  It’s known as Cleantech, and the name says it all. Part of a United Nations initiative, Cleantech plays a key role in incubating energy efficient innovations in the fields of energy as well as… Read More

OB Green Energy

Brian Makwaiba is the Director of OB Green Energy Tell us about OB Green Energy? OB Green Energy (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black and youth-owned South African renewable energy company that aims to apply innovative technologies towards achieving South Africa’s ambitious Renewable Energy target, as set by the 2002 White paper from the Department of Minerals and Energy.  As… Read More

Alesimo Mwanga

Alesimo Mwanga of SEA Africa shares her thoughts on small business opportunities What are the current opportunities you have seen for SMMEs or people wanting to start up their own business?  As entrepreneurship continues to evolve, many opportunities are available for entrepreneurs within the African context. The current opportunities that are available for SMEs in… Read More

Sungenius solar cookers

We speak to Sungenius solar owner Johan van Wyk What does your business do? We take solar cooking to the market. Before this I managed my other small businesses and I am also a 30-year passionate solar cook.  What are the challenges your business faces? Finance. I need investment and specialised knowledge What is the best advice you… Read More

RedCapital Innovators

We speak to owner Ruben Mpanya Tell us about RedCapital Innovators? RedCapital Innovators is a conglomerate focused on the Economic Development of the Developing World. Our mission as a company is to be profitable by raising the standard of living in the Developing World. How did you get into it? I was a slightly mediocre student… Read More

AOJ Productions

We speak to AOJ owner Tshepo Mpele Tell us about AOJ Productions? AOJ Productions was formed in 2014 and provides a full service of Audio Visual rental and staging resources. We offer a wide range of state of the art of rental equipment. AOJ Productions gives a solution in AV helping clients to design, manage and… Read More

Zipho Sikhakhane

Zipho Sikhakhane, speaker, writer and businesswoman, shares her insight into the world of small business What are the current opportunities you have seen for SMMEs or people wanting to start up their own business? I believe that SMMEs should focus on industries that will drive growth and employment in the country. There is no value… Read More

Maku Communications

We speak to owner Nkululeko Jonty Mahlobo Tell us about Maku Communications? Maku Communications deals with business consulting, meaning I deal with helping businesses grow, by helping them in drafting/compiling business plans, business proposals and helping to develop the image of their business by providing help to design and supply logos and flyers.    What did… Read More

Phanda Africa

We speak to Sisathi Nomatye, the founder of Phanda Africa. Tell us about Phanda Africa? Phanda Africa was founded by Sisathi Nomatye and Edzani Nephalela, and it aims to simplify the recruitment process for unskilled labourers living in townships as well as for their potential employers. After a realisation that not enough innovations are being… Read More

frBucks 13 things before start a business

13 things I wish I’d known before starting a startup

– Westleigh Wilkinson shares his insight into starting a business  I have been blessed to own several businesses in my time, working across industries and sectors, from sports to hospitality and property development. I have a family of entrepreneurs. My mother has a financial planning business, my dad had a recruitment business, my uncle owns a large logistics company and family in Australia… Read More

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Behind the SMME Roadshow

– by Ralph Staniforth The SMME Opportunity Roadshow was launched in 2015 with events in the four major cities of South Africa – Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. The roadshow was a great success with delegates and SMME’s from all industries joining up to share knowledge and listen to the informed speakers. All processes were covered, from… Read More

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Digital offers strong opportunity for SMMEs

GCIP-SA specialist mentor Kgomotso Matjila, former UNIDO representative Claudia Giacovelli, and GCIP-SA National Project Manager Gerswynn Mckuur South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) has indicated that around 90% of employment opportunities in the country will be created by SMMEs by the year 2030. While the public and private sector have numerous programmes and incentive schemes in place to… Read More

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Interview with Ndzavi Derrick

Ndzavi Derrick is an Entrepreneurologist and social media strategist  What are the current opportunities you have seen for SMMEs or people wanting to start up their own business? The world is full of possibilities nowadays, in as much as youth are consumed by developing apps. I strongly believe the retail sector still has a gap for entrepreneurs to fill by developing products that… Read More