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It takes weeks, months and sometimes even years to build up a rapport and a relationship with another person. That’s a lot of time to devote to each person you’re seeking to work with. Online interviews offer you the opportunity to share who you are with the rest of the world. Share your story, your personality, your interests and, most important, your insights and knowledge. Whether it’s about building a relationship of trust in order to secure a client, or sharing knowledge with your broader team and your members of staff, having a written interview that shares your knowledge (and reveals who you are as a person) will save you so much time and will also help to spread the power of your knowledge without needing you to take part in every conversation.

Online interviews also fast-track your relationships, as people get to know a lot about you quickly without needing to have face-time with you. It also allows you to ‘answer’ some of their questions without needing to speak to each person individually. Does this mean you won’t have face-time with people? Quite the contrary… it means your face-time becomes more productive and, hence, holds a higher value.

The Free Range will help you to unlock the insights and knowledge you have built up over many years and, through marketing your content online, will help you to be heard by the people who hold the key to growing your business.

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