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If you don’t have a website then you’re losing out on building your brand… and you’re possibly also losing trust in the eyes of your potential future customers. Websites are cheap and easy to put up… once you know how. Focus on your business and trust an expert to create your website for you and run it for you. You don’t need a massive website that needs to be updated daily… but at least have a single page website with some basic info about yourself and your contact details. And a website that you yourself can add articles and information to, at no cost, if you choose.

The Free Range will help you to get a website up without any fuss or hassle. We’re not looking to win awards here, just to produce a website that does justice to your business. But it’s not even about how fancy your website is – it’s about the content and how the website integrates with the internet.

It’s not the size and the shine of your site, it’s the way you use it.

We will set up a website to ensure your customers can get hold of you quickly and easily, and get to know you and some of your key people, products and services. And, even more important, we’ll help you to add regular content to engage your existing customers and to attract new customers to you. Social media plays a key role in this, and the Free Range will help you to maximise the power of the internet to build your brand and grow your business at a price you can afford.

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