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Team 3 Columns

Elvis Javu

The powerhouse behind Shuttermonkey Productions, Elvis is a skilled cameraman and video editor. Focused and dedicated, his expert social media knowledge and marketing insights are key for growing the businesses of our clients. Has a […]

Nigel Williams

“One of the tragedies for any small business is when their marketing spend is not used optimally, as this represents lost funds that can’t be spent anywhere else. This is also a lost opportunity in […]

Gill Lewis

The editor of Confetti Chicks, and a consumate organiser and administrator, Gill’s passion is watching people and engaging with them to find the story that lies beneath the surface and helping to draw it out. Passionate […]

Simon Lewis

The publisher and editor of u|Chief magazine, Simon has two decades of media experience, ranging from Sports Illustrated and National Geographic, to Leadership and Top Billing. Passionate about innovation and pushing the envelope, Simon published […]

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